‘The Atelier Project’ on Issuu

What inspires you to create?

Where has creativity brought you?

What makes a perfect piece of work?

These were some of the questions that I found myself trying to answer when I submitted an entry into Molly Miltenberger Murray’s ‘The Atelier Project’ in March – and it wasn’t easy!

Molly, another of the talented students on my MLitt course, dedicated her spring project to exploring and celebrating creativity. What a fantastic and unusual idea, looking at the inspiration and origins of the work that many of us do every day.

After all, creativity isn’t just about writing. There are so many opportunities in daily life to be creative – from the flourish of colourful icing you add to your freshly-baked cupcakes, to the photos you choose for your work presentation, to the silly song you make up on the spot while doing the dishes!

Creativity is all around us. Molly’s book compiles responses and interviews from thirty creative individuals including writers, artists, photographers and musicians, and looks at how each of them approaches the creative process.

I am absolutely thrilled to announce my second acceptance of this spring – my interview on has been included in the book!

Click here to visit The Atelier Project blog and get details on how to access the online ISSUU copy of ‘The Atelier Project’ – and afterwards, please remember to click here to go to Good Reads and leave a review!

‘The Atelier Project’ is available to view on ISSUU until 31st July. The hard copy will be available to buy on Amazon soon – keep your eyes on the blog! For more information on the project, click here to visit the blog.

2 thoughts on “‘The Atelier Project’ on Issuu

    • I know the feeling Kendra, our class has produced so many amazing things already and we’re not even finished the course yet!


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