Published Works



Kerrie McKinnel, ‘All That I Have Lost’ in Lockerbie Writers’ Book Week Scotland Poetry Safari Companion Booklet. (UK: Lockerbie Writers, 2020).

Kerrie McKinnel, Children’s Christmas Activity Book. (UK: Kerrie McKinnel, 2020).

Kerrie McKinnel, ‘The Bus’ in Family Light: Shining light on the poetic voices of families. (UK: Rachel Kirkpatrick, 2020).

Kerrie McKinnel, ‘Blue’ on Lockerbie Writers website. Last accessed 24 August 2020.

Filmed by BBC Scotland for My Kind of Town (Annan episode), reading two self-written poems. (UK: BBC, 2020). Sadly, it wasn’t included in the finished episode, but it was an exceptionally fun afternoon and a real experience!


Kerrie McKinnel, ‘Jump’ on Southlight Literary Magazine website. Last accessed 25 May 2019.

Kerrie McKinnel, ‘Arctic Roll’ in Forty Voices Strong: An Anthology of Contemporary Scottish Poetry. (USA: Grayson Books, 2019.)

Kerrie McKinnel, ‘Reflections’ in Annandale Herald newspaper (Annan, UK: DnG Media, 14 Feb 2019).


Kerrie McKinnel, ‘Armour’ in Southlight, Issue 21 (UK: Wigtown Festival Company, 2017).

Kerrie McKinnel, ‘The Fall of the Leaf’ in From Glasgow to Saturn, Issue 38 (Scotland, UK: From Glasgow to Saturn, 2017).


Kerrie McKinnel, ‘Arctic Roll’ in Gutter, Issue 15 (Glasgow, UK: Freight Books, 2016).

Kerrie McKinnel, ‘Petals’ in From Glasgow to Saturn, Issue 37 (Glasgow, UK: Glasgow Cross Press, 2016).

Kerrie McKinnel, ‘Reflections’ in Annandale Herald newspaper (Annan, UK: DnG Media, 12 May 2016).

Kerrie McKinnel, ‘First a Puncture’, ‘Night’ and ‘Pulling the Wishbone’ in Lockerbie Writers’ Anthology: Stories and Poems from Annandale and Eskdale (USA: CreateSpace, 2016), pp.21-26 and 41-50.


Kerrie McKinnel, ‘Reasons to Stay at Home’ on Scottish Book Trust Website. Last accessed 22 March 2016.

Kerrie McKinnel, ‘The Letter’ in Crooked Holster: An anthology of new crime and thriller writing (USA: CreateSpace, 2015), pp.88-89.

Kerrie McKinnel, ‘Conversation with Kerrie McKinnel’ in The Atelier Project: Conversations about creativity (UK: CreateSpace, 2015), pp.51-52.

Awards and Competitions


I received funding from DG Unlimited and Dumfries & Galloway Council to work on a children’s book aimed at those with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


My poem, Picking Raspberries, was awarded third place in the University of Glasgow’s ‘Alastair Buchan Prize’.


My poem, The Enchanted Forest, was selected for the Dark Closes light and sound installation, which formed part of The Switch On @ The Stove, Dumfries.

Blogs and Non-fiction

In addition to the blog section of this website, you can find my writing here:

Lockerbie Writers’ Anthology blog.

‘D&G Poetry April 2019 Interview – Kerrie McKinnel’ on D&G Poetry blog. Last accessed 25 May 2019.

Kerrie McKinnel, ‘To Study or Not to Study?’ on Creative Writing at the University of Glasgow blog. Last accessed 19 Jun 2016.

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