New Publications: ‘Gutter’ and ‘From Glasgow to Saturn’

This month, I am delighted to announce two new additions to my list of published works!


‘Gutter’ and ‘From Glasgow to Saturn’ magazines

My poem, ‘Arctic Roll’, features in Gutter Issue 15 (Autumn 2016). The poem was written in a Sunday evening post-migraine flash of inspiration and is a little darker than some of my usual writing. I was so unsure about it that I almost didn’t send it off, but it’s a good thing I did because the editors at Gutter obviously liked it! It just goes to show that sometimes we are our own harshest critics; when you’re brave and put work out into the world, you never know what can happen.


And that’s not all! My short story, ‘Petals’, features in From Glasgow to Saturn Issue 37 (Spring 2016). Due to funding cuts, the publication team started a Kickstarter campaign and a limited number of copies were printed, so unfortunately you’ll struggle to get a paper copy, but the team have assured me that the magazine should be available on their website in the near future. (And yes, it is me, despite the fact they spelled my surname wrong in a couple of places!)


From Glasgow to Saturn Issue 37

I am incredibly proud to be featured in each of these brilliant publications – and it was especially lovely to receive my contributors’ copy of Gutter through the post on Monday, which was both my birthday and the day when my MLitt portfolio was due!

If you can, please do pick up a copy of each of these fantastic magazines, both published right here in Scotland.

If you read my pieces, don’t forget to let me know what you think!


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